Delia Colvin

As an FAA Safety Team Representative, former Air traffic controller, and aviation educator, Delia has investigated hundreds of aviation weather-related accidents.

As a result of those investigations, she discovered that virtually every weather-related accident she studied could have been prevented if the pilot had known how to identify the SIX aviation weather hazards. 

Since then, she launched her popular, free weekly webinars, attended by thousands of pilots. And created a new training program designed to teach pilots only what is needed to identify the weather hazards in a preflight brief. 

Delia has the distinction of being trained and certified by the National Weather Service as a highly specialized Flight Watch Specialist. She has also worked as an Air Traffic Controller in Tower, Approach and began her career as an Air Traffic Control Assistant and Russian Interpreter at Anchorage ARTCC. ​

Her book, The Aviation Weather Manual, and training have innovated and simplified weather training.  
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